Sunday, February 24, 2008

5 Months

Wow! I can barely believe it has been so long! To recap on the last 5 months and my absence, here's a quick run-down:

* Computer was broken for the past 3 months. After saving up we've got it fixed and an extra one!
* We renewed our wedding vows and commitment on our 1 year anniversary.
* We went on an overdue honeymoon down the Great Ocean Road. Photos to come.
* We found out that I'm pregnant and expecting this September!
* We will be moving in, rent free, with Sean's mother/brothers in 3 weeks.
* I decided to start back at work late last year and will finish up in 2 weeks time!

There are so many things that I want to go into and write about right now that have been building up while I've been gone so expect a lot of posts to come. :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Feed Me Bubbe!

I don't know about you but I LOVE watching cooking shows, especially homemade ones - the type you see on recipe blogs or on YouTube. To see people making real life recipes full of 'normal' ingredients just spurs me on to get in the kitchen myself and start cooking!

While trawling for new recipes this morning I came across a great video series called 'Feed Me Bubbe'. It's a home 'vlog' of a Jewish grandmother making traditional Jewish food (YUM!) in her kitchen and showing us all how it's done. Take a look! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Menu Plan Monday (on a Tuesday)

This past week, food wise, has been terrible. With no plan it resulted to left overs and convenience foods, isn't that always the way?? I once saw a quote:

"No plan. No objective. No goal. The road to anywhere is the road to nowhere, and the road to nowhere leads to dreams sacrificed, opportunities squandered, and a life unfulfilled.” - Thomas S. Monson

Might I also add no proper dinners to that list? Anyway, back to the menu.

Monday - Tatertot Casserole with homemade rolls
Tuesday - Mac 'n Cheese for me and Chicken nuggets & salad for Sean (I'm out all day)
Wednesday - Chicken and Corn Soup with homemade rolls
Thursday - Spaghetti & tomato sauce with salad
Friday - Homemade Pizza with salad (can you tell I got some of special? :D)
Saturday - Roast lamb with roasted vegetables (potato, carrot & pumpkin)
Sunday - At my parents so who knows what mum will cook. :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Back in Business!

So everything has finally settled down and after a week of feeling under the weather and dealing with cat squabbles, I'm back! :)

Thank you so much for everyone who gave me advice about Jasmine settling in. It's been a tough week but they're finally all, seemingly, getting along and although there is still the odd growl (when Bartleby gets a little too friendly for her liking, I hope you know what I mean) everything is coming up roses! Happy cats = Happy parents. :)

I decided to try 'Tatertot Casserole' for dinner tonight and it's in the oven as we speak. We've never even had ground turkey before but when I saw it for the first time at Safeway last week, after hearing lots of good things about it, I just had to buy some! It's so much cheaper than most of the meats over here, so here's praying for a good result! :)

I was able to buy a few things from Crystal's (Biblical Womanhood) store over the weekend thanks to the greatest hubby in the world. :D I've ordered:
  • Edwardian Apron Pattern
  • The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love
  • More Than a Hope chest
  • Created To Be His Helpmeet
  • Simple Tips for Successful Home Management EBook
  • Secrets to Supermarket Savings EBook
I've already received the ebook's which look great and I can't wait until I receive the rest in the mail! I am so excited! Not only that but my local library has also ordered The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle which I have been wanting to read for ages! Yay! :)

I'll be putting up our week's menu later tonight but right now I need to go and check on dinner. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Apron Giveaway!

Cheri from Joyful Handmaiden is giving away a gorgeous apron she's made. All you have to do is email her with your name and address - simple!

The drawing is on Friday, so hurry over an enter for a chance to win!

While you're there check out the the rest of her blog, it's filled with lots of sewing goodness. She's constantly making beautiful dresses, skirts and tops with plenty of photos included. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ikea and Everyday Affairs

Well yesterday, before we introduced Jasmine to our home, I went shopping with mum. We bought a new cat carrier, some new cat toys and somehow ended up at IKEA, one of our favourite stores! :)

I ended up coming home with a pink CD case for our car, some hangers, a new bathmat, some much needed pegs (do anyone else's disappear?) and a few woven wood balls for the cats the play with since they were cents each. I also fell in love with the Liatorp range so I know what we'll be filling the house with when we get one. Mum calls in "New England style" but I'm not sure what that is - the furniture is just very... me. :)

It's already past 10:30 and I've got a ton more to do. I've got a roast on the stove (courtesy of Tammy's Recipes), I've done one load of laundry and I've still got to:

Wash the dishes
Clean the kitchen
Clean the bathroom
Tidy and clean the lounge room
Vacuum and dust
Clean the bedroom
Clean out the boxes in the study

Whew! Somehow I have to also keep the cats separated the entire time as well. *sigh* I'll report on how it goes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A whole lot of growling going on

Oh my goodness, how long has it been! I have no excuses besides falling into a rut of offline-ness. A couple of big deals:

1. I'm looking for a new temporary job at the moment.

2. We've been given a 3rd cat (my brother in laws cat, Jasmine - long story) and it's, so far, a bit of a disaster.

It's funny, I had always heard of problems with the existing cats being upset with a new cat being in the house, but this time it's the new cat being upset and territorial so I can't find advice anywhere! Loki and B are actually okay about the whole thing unbelievably. Loki is just scared to death of her and B just wants to be friends. He's far more interested in the new toys that I bought them today. LOL.

Jasmine is all snarls and hissing and growling... she's not happy at all. Even growling and hissing at us, and she KNOWS us! It's all just a bit stressful for her I think, and rightly so!

We don't have a separate room to keep her in like everyone suggests so we're a bit stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Please email or comment - we need help!